Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bitter Hack In Endless Whine

In the middle of another pathetic attempt to get Ann Coulter into the sack, midget Mickey Kaus whines about how the New York Times didn't treat his Kaus Klown Kampaign with enough dignity:

When I ran for Senate recently, the "Sunday Styles" section did a piece on my effort that offered a similarly bogus, dismissive dorm-room theory on my motivations: I was having a "mid-life crisis." And here I thought I was running to oppose amnesty and card check!* But at least the Times' reporter for that piece, Janelle Brown, got her bogus theory out of the mouth of a bullshitting friend of mine.

Yes, it's the Times' fault that they quoted a "friend" of Kaus who didn't take his clowning any more serious than anyone else did. Meanwhile, the second place finisher in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, who got more than twice the vote Kaus did, got no coverage at all from the Times. Kaus seems to think that the news value of his campaign was something other than "pathetic wanker with a lot of media friends makes an ass out of himself." As they say, sadly, no.

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