Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What a Barone!

Simpering wingnut Michael "The Barone-ass" Barone is outraged that the Washington Post is publishing the actual words of his fellow Republicans:

Item number one on the Macaca Watch is the Sunday front page story on the thesis Bob McDonnell wrote in 1989 at Regent University where he obtained a masters degree in public policy and a law degree. This is, as the story acknowledged, a publicly available document and its contents would certainly be a legitimate part of an article on McDonnell's background and the evolution of his political views. But the first paragraph of the story, prominently on the front page, sends the culturally liberal voters of Northern Virginia in the Post's local circulation area a pretty clear message: you better not vote for this guy. He went to an "evangelical" school (Regent University Law School), described feminists as "detrimental" and "said government policy should favor married couples over 'cohabitors, homosexuals or fornicators.'"

The Barone-ass is particularly outraged that a media outlet would engage in such politically biased reporting without writing him a paycheck.

The Barone-ass doesn't accuse the Post of misrepresenting the facts -- after all, he's not talking about a Krauthammer/Will/Cohen column. No, he's enraged because the Post is reporting facts which liberals might enjoy reading more than his fellow wingnuts. But Barone hasn't finished spluttering yet:

Item number two on the Macaca watch is Tuesday's front page story headlined "Governor's Race Erupts Over McDonnell’s Past View." The "eruption" consists of a bunch of emails sent out by Democrats quoting from McDonnell’s thesis and a McDonnell conference call with reporters answering questions — pretty routine campaign stuff, hardly front page material.

Is a conference call in which reporters answer questions really a routine campaign event, or is Barone just a shitty writer?

Yes, sending e-mails and taking reporters' questions are routine campaign events. It's the subject of the e-mails and questions -- McDonnell's repulsive bigotry -- which makes them front page news. Sexism and hatred of gays isn't front page news in The Barone-ass' G.O.P. circles, of course. It's the public disclosure of such rancid views that offends Barone.

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