Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grand Old Police Blotter: Instacracker's Heroes Edition

A true Clenn Reynolds Republican demonstrates his family values:

Steve Nunn, a former Kentucky GOP lawmaker and gubernatorial candidate was found by police this afternoon with slit wrists in the cemetery where his parents lie buried. Hours earlier, Nunn's former fiancée had been found shot to death in a Lexington parking lot.

According to the local sheriff, Nunn, 57, placed mementos on his parents' graves, moved several feet away, then cut his wrists. The sheriff, Chris Eaton, said Nunn had initially told police he had shot himself, and was found in possession of a handgun, but had no gunshot wound. Nunn was taken via ambulance to the hospital.

Nunn's former fiancée, Amanda Ross, was found dead this morning. A neighbor told reporters she heard five shots and screams at 6:11 a.m. in a courtyard outside Ross's condominium. Ross was 29 and worked for the state's Department of Insurance. A police spokesman said investigators have leads.

Nunn was arrested after being taken to the hospital, for allegedly violating a protective order against Ross, by carrying the handgun. Eaton, who said he's been a friend of Nunn for around 20 years, said Nunn's mood was "solemn to a point" and "at that time didn't make any comments" about Ross's shooting.

Nunn is the son of Louie Nunn, the state's last GOP governor, from 1967 to 1971, until Ernie Fletcher was elected in 2003. Steve Nunn -- who spent what he has called his "formative years" in the governor's mansion -- received just 13 percent of the vote running against Fletcher in the gubernatorial primary that year. He is also a former state legislator.

Dr. Mrs. Instacracker no doubt suspects that Ross was the real culprit.

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