Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John Yoo's Legal Reasoning

The Bush Administration's criminal attorney attempts to smear Judge Sotomayor, and reveals his own intellectual incompetence:

Obama had some truly outstanding legal intellectuals and judges to choose from — Cass Sunstein, Elena Kagan, and Diane Wood come immediately to mind. The White House chose a judge distinguished from the other members of that list only by her race....

Sotomayor's record on the bench, at first glance, appears undistinguished. She will not bring to the table the firepower that many liberal academics are asking for. There are no opinions that suggest she would change the direction of constitutional law as have Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, or Robert Bork and Richard Posner on the appeals courts. Liberals have missed their chance to put on the Court an intellectual leader who will bring about a progressive revolution in the law.

So Yoo thinks the only distinction between Judge Sotomayor and the other outstanding legal intellectuals and judges he names is her race, but he also thinks she's not an intellectual leader or a distinguished jurist. What a maroon!

Those enhanced interrogations in Karl Rove's private chambers must have done some permanent damage to poor Johnny's brain.

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