Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stolberg to Obama: I'd Tap That

As someone who enjoys subtle puns and hidden innuendo in pithy headlines, I refuse to believe that Sherry Stolberg isn't making a lewd reference to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

Obama Taps Clinton Ideas but Not Clinton Herself

As others have pointed out, the Secretary of State has plenty of matters to occupy her time. But Sherry can't write the name Clinton uncoupled from a reference to fucking.

Listen to this psycho babble:

Mrs. Clinton's distance from the health care initiative, figuratively and literally — she will be in Brussels on Thursday when Mr. Obama begins his effort to overhaul the system with a high-profile gathering of experts — underscores how the Obama White House is grappling with the cloud that still lingers over the Clinton plan 15 years after it imploded.

Mr. Obama is at once trying to distance himself from the baggage Mrs. Clinton carries as the architect of that plan, while demonstrating that he has learned from it. He is drawing on the experiences of a host of aides who are Clinton veterans, notably Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff. But he is not relying on Mrs. Clinton herself.

How clever of the President to sneak in a health care summit at the very moment Secretary Clinton wasn't looking. Or just maybe President Obama is at once trying to address the health care crisis, while demonstrating that he is trying to address the health care crisis.

The Times used to label made up shit as "News Analysis." No more. And it used to report on the substance of events, instead of putting on puppet shows of fairy tales.

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