Sunday, June 03, 2007

With God Up Our Backside

Peter Hitchens, the Hitchens who doesn't pluck his eyebrows, on his brother Chris:

If you do not worship God, you end up worshipping power, whether it is Kim Jong Il, Leon Trotsky or the military might of George W. Bush. In which case, God help you.

While the image of Chris as Bush bootlicker is appropriate, this claim is otherwise bullshit. Plenty of people who worship Peter's God also worship the abuse of power, starting with Bush himself. I would venture there's a significant overlap of American Christians and those who worship the occupation of Iraq, and that such a group is much larger than the subset of Christians who oppose the war because of their religious faith.

Li'l Snitchens also insults those non-believers who oppose the occupation without resorting to religion, or at least he would if we gave a toss about what he thought.

p.s. to Li'l Snitch: Atheists didn't invent the torture chamber (don't you know your own country's history?), and they're not as enamored of torture as are the godly today.

Update: Barbara O'Brien said pretty much the same thing, earlier, and proves my point.

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