Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"Awww, Screw It... We're Going Right to Step 6"

Is anyone really surprised by this:

(CNN) -- Several U.S. officials said Tuesday that unnamed terrorists, possibly al Qaeda operatives, are in the United States and planning a "major attack" on U.S. soil this summer.

Officials said the attacks might take place before the November presidential election in an attempt to affect the outcome, similar to the way the Madrid train bombings influenced Spanish elections.

The FBI is likely to issue several alerts for several individuals the bureau would like to locate in the coming days, two counterterrorism sources told CNN.

Very subtle! I particularly enjoy how the officials restrained themselves from saying "...to affect the outcome in favor of Senator John Kerry."

Also please note that although the unnamed officials claim to have no idea who the terrorists are, they know that the motive of the terrorists is to influence the November elections. Nice! Oh, and even though the summer, by definition, ends well before November, these unnamed officials felt compelled to state both that the attacks are planned for the summer and that they "might take place" before the November elections.

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