Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Unflushable Mickey Kaus

The unemployable hack has been reduced to hat tipping Ace of Spades for links on how "leftists" don't work but just sit around and smoke dope.

It's not clear whether disability payments or trust funds are keeping Kaus alive at this point.  

Maybe he can send his clips to Donald Trump and offer his services as ambassador to white Los Angeles.


Steve M. said...

Looks as if he thinks Trump is just giving the people what they understandably want.

Montag said...

I think of Kaus as being in the class of Howie Kurtz. There's just no satisfactory explanation how they reached a point of name recognition, let alone managed to find some sort of national prominence.

Kurtz, expectedly, like water, has found his lowest level, but Kaus always cultivated the "conservative's idea of a good liberal" schtick, and that should have provided him a lot more staying power than it did. Even being monomaniacal about immigration should have kept him in play. And yet, as they say, he now can't even get arrested. Maybe this is one of those reorderings of the universe that happens periodically. It was an accident that Kaus emerged from obscurity at all, and now he's returning to it, too late to not have him inflicted on us, but, not too soon to enjoy his disappearance from view.

bjkeefe said...

I remember long ago, when I used to watch -- yes, SO long ago -- when Mickey name-dropped Mr. Bacon-and-Playdoh, as in meeting up with him, in the flash, as though that were something to flaunt.

It's almost hard to believe he's not one of the Senators of California, isn't it?

bjkeefe said...


But, really ... is there a difference in this case?

LT said...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get a job. They wouldn't have to change the stationery.

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