Friday, October 31, 2014

Confidential to Rand Paul

Domino's pizza still sucks.


blogenfreude said...

Sad that it's better than any other thin crust on the Upper West Side, where I live. The search continues.

Montag said...

Have only had Domino's pizza twice, those instances separated by years and lard knows how many ad campaigns by them, and both times, the dough was moldy.

Which is just the preface to saying that the Repugs remain even more unpalatable, even after an unending stream of rebranding exercises, all of which are designed--like Domino's ads--to obscure what they really are.


Roger said...

As a former employee of Domino's, I can say the main problem was and is the sauce. Getting free pizza as an employee(via no-shows) from Domino's turned me off pizza for years. I tried the "new" Domino's once, when it first came out, and haven't been back since.

Of course, Pizza Hut sucks ever harder.