Sunday, May 04, 2014

Lame Change

Having lost all credibility with the hiring of Megan McArdle, Bloomberg Media has decided to double down on the crapitude with its latest hires:
John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, political journalists known for their detailed, gossip-filled books on the past two presidential campaigns, will join Bloomberg in the coming days to start a new site that will focus on American politics and policy.
The new project, Bloomberg Politics, is part of a broader strategy put in place by Justin B. Smith, who was appointed chief executive of Bloomberg Media Group last summer after serving as president of Atlantic Media.
Mr. Heilemann and Mr. Halperin, who are the authors of the best sellers “Game Change” and “Double Down,” are the “epitome of the type of quality journalistic talent that moves seamlessly between different kinds of platforms,” Mr. Smith said in an interview.
They will anchor a daily television program that will also stream online, as well as write news articles and take part in live events. A start date for the site has yet to be set, but will most likely be months away.
I thought these clowns existed to make Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski appear less cretinous, and Mike Allen and Howie Kurtz less conflicted.  To complete the loaf-rolling, BM is also hiring "Jonathan Allen, a former White House bureau chief for Politico, ... as the new Washington bureau chief."


Jules said...

My question is simple and is based on some knowledge of what it takes to produce a semi-decent article - How the shit spattered hell will these buffoons get any writing done if they're also pissing into the DataStreams and taking part in live events (whatever the hell that means)?

I don't know. Maybe the articles will be really short. Or written by interns. Goldberg has some that he clearly isn't using. But it sounds like the same kind of suck will be available in more than one flavor. Why this is seen as a winning formula, I know not.

Roger said...

All the best long-form journalism is written during commercial breaks on "Morning Joe." Heilprin hsve the maddest platform skillz since the Nario Bros.

Montag said...

Bloomberg is collecting quite the menagerie, aren't they?