Saturday, February 16, 2013

Why Do You Keep Hitting Yourself?

Over at The Children's Corner, toothsome dolt Hadley Heath waxes moronic:
Second, VAWA’s ideological foundation assumes that violence against women is caused by pure sexism. This presumption is actually sexist toward men, and ignores proven causes of domestic violence, such as substance abuse, psychological disorders, and marital instability.
Marital instability is a proven cause of domestic violence! I had to hit her because her objections to me hitting her were destroying our marriage. Everything was fine before she started complaining. And her complaining made me drink and go nuts, too. Who's the real victim here?

Of course, the Violence Against Women Act isn't limited to domestic violence. And there are countless rapists and wife beaters who rape and/or beat men just as often as they rape and/or beat women, so the assumption that sexism is involved in rape and wife beating is actually reverse sexism!


DanF said...

Of course, Hadley Heath (is that really a name?) ignores the fact that male victims of domestic violence are indeed covered by VAWA. It would take about two seconds for Hadley to look that up, but why undermine the premise of a perfectly ignorant rant.

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