Friday, May 25, 2012

Encounter at Farright

Via Sadly, No!, we learn that Instacracker's other half, "Doctor" Helen Smith, is penning a tome:

In my upcoming book with Encounter Publishing entitled “Male Strike: Why Society's War Against Men is Suicidal and What to Do About It," I discuss these Uncle Tim types (those who put down other men) whose life is [sic] made easier by pandering to women and other men who are either Uncle Tims themselves or White Knights trying to save a damsel in distress.

The actual name of the "Doctor's" publisher is Encounter Books, shrunken organ of the Roger Kimball media empire.

The "Doctor" shouldn't feel too bad about misidentifying her wingnut welfare officer, though, as Encounter Books hasn't even heard of Smith. Oh, but they will, when she shows up at Kimball's office, screeching "I will ... NOT ... BE ... IGNORED!

Smith's book will appear in bookstores, propping open the back door while employees take their cigarette breaks, sometime in 2013.