Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fantasy Political Football

Ostensible Democrats Pat "Crazy Eyes" Caddell and Doug "Stupid Motherfucker" Schoen are back with their insipid Vilify Obama Draft Hillary campaign. Here's the centerpiece of their argument:
As political realists, we know that every recent presidential candidate who has emerged — from Obama in 2008 to Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and now Newt Gingrich — has been citizen-driven. The elites have not driven the process; ordinary voters have filled the void.

Such a void exists now.
Yes, Crazy and Mofo base their argument for a Hillary campaign on the examples of three stunning electoral failures[1], one soon-to-be stunning electoral failure, and the candidacy of the candidate they believe is ruining America.

They don't argue that any of the four citizen-driven Republicans would be good Presidents, and they argue that citizen-driven Obama is a bad President. They don't argue that Hillary would win, or is even interested in running. No, the purpose of their exercise is to "send a message the Democratic Party must stand for something more than Obama's reelection at all costs." But they don't suggest what that "something more" is, beyond "unification" and "a healing process" and "bi-partisanship." (Surely the results of a Clinton presidency!) Apparently what the Democratic Party must stand for is the election of a Republican president.

[1] Yes, I realize there hasn't been an election yet.  Why postpone the inevitable?


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