Monday, August 22, 2011

Michael Rubbin: Let's You and Him Fight

Not to be confused with the more masculine Jennifer Rubbin, Commentary Magazine's Michael Rubbin demands that President Obama capture the man convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight 103, to show Obama's sincere about his regret that the Brits released the man:

Subsequent information showed that British officials facilitated Megrahi’s release in hope of receiving favor for British oil companies. Well, Megrahi is still alive, in a wheelchair but well enough to have been shown on Libyan television attending a pro-Qaddafi rally just last month. If Obama was sincere in his regret, perhaps the time is right to seize Megrahi and finally win justice for the American victims of Lockerbie.

This argument is intended to tarnish Obama's glow after killing Bin Laden, with the wingnuts offered up an endless parade of targets for Obama to (fail to) rub out. But my point is this: Why can Rubbin do his own rubbin'? There's nothing stopping Rubbin from entering Libya as a journalist and whacking (or capturing) Megrahi. Despite the fact that the color of his teeth match his necktie, Rubbin looks like he's healthly enough to take a 60 year old man in a wheelchair two falls out of three. Why do these wingnuts expect government to do everything for them?

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