Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Two Palestinians Walk Into A Hail of Machine Gun Fire

TNR Society Exclusive: The 2010 Humor Issue
December 2, 2010 (The Humor Issue)
Dear TNR Society Subscriber:

This is not a joke.

We’re pleased to present you with the following Special TNR Society Digital Bonus Issue: The Humor Issue, an anthology of humorous pieces that have appeared in TNR over the ages. Yes, we have W.H Auden cracking wise. And better yet, he’s making funnies about Freud. This collection is my platonic ideal of winter break reading. There’s Michael Kinsley’s famous dead-pan attack on the New Yorker (and its fastidious fact-checking); the great Henry Fairlie’s rollicking broadside against Vanity Fair, as well as pieces by Woody Allen, Michael Lewis, and James Wolcott. I’m quite certain you will enjoy.

This special bonus issue comes with many thanks to you, our most valuable readers, for your support of our efforts every day, every year. We’re grateful for your continued engagement with us.

Happy Holidays,

Franklin Foer Editor

Wolcott's "Yada Yada Yada" almost makes this worth the price of admission. Three pieces by Frankie Foer means it's just a toss-off.

Update: We expect the 2011 Humor Issue will contain less Foer.

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