Monday, August 23, 2010

Get A Room, Dan and Don

Just gonna stand there and hear me cry.

Don, that's pathetic even for someone like you. Please document when and where I have been asking you for links? If I hadn't seen your post, I'd have forgotten you existed. Man, that's pretty pathetic, dude. If you were mashed up in some broadly CC'd email I responded to who knows when, I never saw your name. And I know I don't approach you for links. So I guess your paper is cool with having poseurs and bald-faced liars on its paid staff? Shame on you, man. Produce the emails you are apparently referring to. Or, consider yourself called out as a pathetic liar.

That's all right, because I love the way you lie.

I thought better of it and removed it. Why stir things? This happened in minutes. Now Dan Riehl wants to raise a stink. Let him. The fact is he blew up at me in an email last November and then had the gall to send me some stuff to link. If he denies it, so be it. Readers know who he is by what he posts.

Bonus co-dependent comedy from Don: "As reader know, I am an editorial writer and columnist for the Charleston Daily Mail."

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