Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Mentally Substandard

Dig this crazy insight from Matty Incontinenti:

"It was telling that Fey should be the actress who impersonated Palin. The two women may look like each other, but they could not be more dissimilar. Each exemplifies a different category of feminism. Palin comes from the I-can-do-it-all school. She is professionally successful, has been married for more than 20 years, and has a large and (from all outward appearances) happy family. And while Fey is also pretty, married, and has a daughter, the characters she portrays in films like Mean Girls and Baby Mama, and in television shows like 30 Rock, are hard-pressed eggheads who give up personal fulfillment—e.g., marriage and motherhood—in the pursuit of professional success," he writes. "On 30 Rock, Fey, who is also the show's chief writer and executive producer, plays Liz Lemon, a television comedy writer modeled on herself. Liz Lemon is smart, funny, and at the top of her field. But she fails elsewhere. None of her relationships with men works out. She wants desperately to raise a child but can find neither the time nor the means to marry or adopt. Lemon makes you laugh, for sure. But you also would be hard pressed to name a more unhappy person on American TV."

Fey is a successful television producer, comic actress and writer who portrays, successfully, an unhappy unmarried character. Thus, she is unlike Sarah Palin, who doesn't portray an unhappy unmarried character on the teevee.

The contrast you're looking for, Matty, is this: People laugh with Fey, they laugh at Palin.

Update: Curses! Foiled again by Steve M.!

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