Friday, August 07, 2009

Rube Views Boob Tube

"Doctor" Helen has been watching a very special television:

When you see commercials about men who cheat, they are being punched, had their cars destroyed and other abuses that are just taken in a matter-of-fact manner as if it's no big deal because a woman is dispersing "justice."

It was getting so bad I threw my television out, and I urge the good "doctor" to do the same.

And to take a writing class.

As for the triggering episode, "Doctor" Helen and her outpatients are pretty down on the women involved, although they'll probably recalibrate their outrage once they get all the facts and consult their hierarchy of victimhood. (Perhaps this storyline would better fit for their worldview.)

"Doctor" Helen has a unique fetish for stories of male victimization. A few days earlier, she linked to this story in which a woman poured boiling water onto her husband's crotch, was arrested and charged with assault and is waiting arraignment. This report got "Dr." Helen to thinking: "Imagine if the sexes were reversed...."

It's easy if you try!

(via alicublog)

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