Sunday, December 31, 2006

Part I: Grand Old Police Blotter - The Year in Republicrime

(1 point for each correct answer)

It's another banner year for criminality in the Party of Law and Order. Match the Republican with his or her crime. (Note: All persons listed are innocent until convicted of their crimes, at least until the Republican Party gets its way.)

a. Bob Ney

b. Chad Castagana

c. Jeff Skilling

d. Ted Haggard

e. Jack Abramoff

f. Bruce Tinsley

g. Bernard Kerik

h. Tom Noe

i. Ann Coulter

j. Randy "Duke" Cunningham


1. Embezzlement

2. Terrorist threats

3. Voting illegally

4. Fraud, conspiracy, false statements and insider trading

5. Drunk driving, public intoxication

6. Conspiracy, making false statements

7. Solicitation, methamphetamine use

8. Bribery

9. Fraud

10. Ethics violations (accepting/failing to disclose gifts)

1 comment:

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