Friday, December 15, 2006

My Other Name, Colon, Means Full Of Shit, And So I Am

Move over Nooners, there's a new wingnut in town, and she's gunning for your job:

Matt Drudge, who may or may not be a willing accomplice to the distortion of news reporting, must be held responsible for the dissemination of the bias in the liberal press. Studies have shown that the readership of the Times is down -- as it is in other liberal publications -- and so are the television ratings of the alphabet networks and CNN and MSNBC, while Fox News is up.

Nevertheless, the propaganda of the enemedia -- an excellent descriptive term coined by one poster to -- continues to sully news coverage, thanks to Mr. Drudge. A study of press bias by a professor of political science at the University of California-Los Angeles, Tim Groseclose, listed the Drudge Report as one of the most liberal sites on the Web because it consistently posts articles from left-of-center sources.

My patience with the Drudge Report ended when I saw a photo of Frank Rich of the Times posted on the site along with his words: "We are losing in Iraq." It isn't too encouraging to the morale of the nation, but posts like this are common on Drudge.

Finally, the truth behind the Miserable Failure's miserable failure is revealed:

The site gives top billing to every possible negative statement about the Iraq war and the Bush administration, and it gets about 13 million hits a day. Is it any wonder that President Bush has record low approval ratings?

Well, is it? Is it? Huh? Answer me that!?!

I suppose the 295+ million Americans who don't read Drudge never get asked their opinions.

And if Alicia thinks that Drudge is a liberal website because Eggboy "posts" (sic -- links to) articles from lefty sources, what does that make her, as her own crappy site links to Drudge? Answer: A Colonic Enemedia.

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