Friday, December 22, 2006

Grand Old Police Blotter: A Drunkard Fillmore Update

I was incorrect when I posted earlier that Bruce Tinsley was lawyered up. The only attorney listed in the electronic court file at that time was William Nash, who appears to be a D.A.

But there's another lawyer listed now, a bilingual criminal defense attorney named Dominic Glover. And it appears that Mr. Glover is a friend of the bleeding heart missus:

Director [Arlette] Tinsley completed multiple trainings and received an invitation to provide the anti-bullying & harassment training for St. Peter's Lutheran School in December. She provided the legal perspective, "On Being Gay" at the Center for Teaching and Learning. Both the director and deputy director provided a presentation on diversity for Leadership Bartholomew County. Director Tinsley provided a historical perspective of diversity in Bartholomew County. Deputy Director Smith developed a diversity self-assessment and resource guide to aid individuals with their incorporation of diversity into work and personal lives. Tracy Souza and Dominic Glover provided an overview of the Heritage Fund's Welcoming Community Outreach Project and the results obtained from the focus groups.

Perhaps the thought that his wife supports gay rights and opposes Lutheran bullying drove Ed Bruce to imbibe copious amounts of the local moonshine.

Meanwhile, the court records now reflect two separate criminal cases involving Edward Bruce Tinsley, filed separately on December 7 and 13, 2006, respectively. Whether this reflects a crime wave in Bartholmew County, Indiana or simply a duplicate filing is unclear.

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