Sunday, December 10, 2006

On Weird Christian Soldiers

Both S.Z. at World O'Crap and Pam Spaulding at Pandagon have been commenting on "America's Conservative Comedian" Brad Stine. Stine is devoting some of his ample free time to a fundamentalist men's movement called "GodMen," which apparently posits that every Christian demonination in America is controlled by a cabal of women and girly-men.

To prove his bona fides, Brad engaged in the butchiest of all masculine pursuits, blogging. Here's an excerpt from "The Stine"'s post on "Man-Church:"

I was performing at a church in Pennsylvania for what was supposed to be a "Men's" event. I said supposed to be because on the way to the event the coordinator told me that some of the women at the church wondered if they could slip in to see the show. Apparently they were fans of mine and felt left out.

Now folks, the last thing I am is anti-woman. I love women, need women,and respect women. Heck, my mom's one! But it really ticked me off that they would think it ok to enter our man cave. Men have very few events that they are allowed to have just for themselves w/o women feeling we are being insensitive. Women want to get into everything that used to be exclusively male including our sports. From little league , to fireMEN , women want in.

Women want to get into Augusta which is a private golf course where the Masters is held. (I know you guys know this but this is for any women who have sneaked onto our site and are reading this.) Ladies , why can't we have a tournament or PRIVATE club just for men? Men are better golfers and need to compete with each other for the shear sportmanship of watching another man crumble at the sight of our superior drive. Women want to even compete in mens golf tournaments. Listen ladies I have no problem having you in our tournaments as long as we can compete in yours. Of course if men went out for WPGA events there wouldn't BE any ladies making the cut. Why because we are better at it than you.

Funny how in our culture even that pragmatic, documented , truth, is supposed to be censored for the sake of not hurting someones feelings. Saying men are superior than women in certain areas isn't's true. Just like women are better at some things then men. You would have to be a tenured professor of sociology at Berkley to be too stupid to grasp that.

After reading The Stine's man-ifesto, I was a bit surprised to see GodMen opposes "Anti-Intellectualism ... which has driven many thinking men from the fortress of faith."

But there's no doubt Brad's a real man's man.

Parsley, Stooge, Rosacea and Stine (second from left)

Hey, Brad. Hillary Clinton called. She wants her pants suit back.

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