Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Pundit New Year

December 16 marks the day when Washington pundits, teevee news personalities and other indolent blowhards call it a year. Their Year-In-Review and 2007 Prediction columns were finished weeks ago. (Bill Safire finished his in September, just in case.) Their personal assistants have completed their Christmas shopping for their families and Ken Mehlman, and they're all sleeping off last night's corporate party hangovers and/or intern seductions. Pumpkinhead Russert still has to kneepad Laura Bush and Cardinal McCarrick and (my guess) either Rudy Guiliani or Lynne Cheney for his Spiritual State of the Nation show, and Larry King has to doze through a couple of pre-tapes with Rick Warren and Mark Russell, but everyone else has already left for Aspen or the Vineyard. Only the wingnut bloggers remain vigiliant, waiting for an e-mail from a desperate MSNBC booker or news that a Muslim farted in public.

But don't worry. There's always Roger's Year-In-Review Quiz to keep you amused.

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