Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Lord Douchebag Glover

Actually, getting paid not to blog about candidates is where the real money is. The last three months have been a windfall for me.

As Atrios points out, this article by K. Douchebag Glover and its
accompanying chart
are disingenuous in the extreme. Neither mentions that Jesse Taylor no longer blogs at Pandagon and that he announced the fact when he went to work for Strickland. It's not like the douchebag Glover didn't know that fact - he fucking blogged about it at the time it happened. But douchebag Glover states that "Few of these bloggers shut down their 'independent' sites after signing on with campaigns," while failing to mention that Taylor did exactly that.

And why doesn't Glover mention Holy Joe Lieberman's hiring of Bullshit Marshall Wittmann in his article/chart? Glover was actually pimping the idea of Wittmann's paid blogging for Droopy the Republican:

If Wittmann [sic - Lieberman] really wanted to embrace the interactive, transparent spirit of the blogosphere, he would have made Wittmann's continued blogging a condition of his employment. He also wouldn't have yanked his campaign blog and deleted the archives days after the race ended. I will be surprised if Wittmann or anyone else on Lieberman's staff starts a blog at his Senate Web site, but I suppose anything is possible.

So paying the Bullshit Moose to blog is a shining example of the "interactive, transparent spirit of the blogosphere," while Jesse Taylor is engaged in "politics as usual." (Unjust world that this is, I'd guess the Bullshit Moose is getting a much bigger paycheck that Mr. Taylor.) I guess the spirit of transparency -- in the sense of telling the truth about your subject -- isn't required when engaged in paid hackwork for the New York Times

Meanwhile, Ann Outhouse's overflow on the subject demonstrates that her grasp of the English language is limited to words of two letters or less:

Politicians: If you're worried a blogger might undercut your campaign, know that about $2,000 a month will not only cut off the criticism; it will buy you a stream of free ads, written by a free ad writer. What a bargain!

What a fucking moron!

Update: Oh dear! I seem to have coarsened the discourse with facts. Run away! Run away! Unclean!

Further Update: I've altered the title, in the spirit of civility.

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