Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Fill

As long as we're beating a dead duck, here's wingnut Harry Stein on Eddie Bruce and Chris Muir:

But the tenor of the strip [Day by Day] tends more to be gentle than angry, reflecting none of the bitterness so common today on the Left. Indeed, Muir's girlfriend, the primary model for one of his characters, "is a total liberal." [It's the one with the goatee and the paunch -- RA.] As it happens, the same holds true for Mallard creator Tinsley, whose wife is a civil rights lawyer. There's perhaps a lesson here. "It's a funny thing," Tinsley says. "All her liberal friends are incredulous that our marriage works, but none of my conservative friends have any trouble with it at all. They understand you can think differently about things and still be civil to one another."

Almost immediately, this observation leads Tinsley to reflect on something else. "You ever notice how often liberals seem to think that, because they hold these lofty social views, it excuses them from having to be civil to bellboys and cabdrivers? I really think that by and large conservatives are just much nicer." He pauses, thinking it over. "One of these days, I've gotta do a cartoon about that."

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You ever notice how often conversatives think that because they pretend to respect the rule of law, no one will notice that they don't? I think I'll do a series of blog posts about that one of these days. Hmm... what can I call it?

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