Tuesday, July 25, 2006

World War Four

Is it really still up for debate the George Bush's foreign policy has harmed this country's national security? Two news items infringe upon my morning revery, first, that Condi wants a strong multi-national force in southern Lebanon but no one will pony up, certainly not him or these guys. Second, that Pakistan is building a heavy water reactor to ramp up plutonium output.

Though Israel's activities in Lebanon are so far beyond the pale even Dershowitz needs to revise and extend the bullshit philosophical structure that magically morphs to re-classify Israel's actions as justified ex post, there really does need to be some decisive move to mitigate the threat posed by Hizbullah in southern Lebanon. Fox News tells me that Condi even wants a "new Middle East." But isn't this stuff just crazytalk at this point? Whose army? Whose honest negotiations? Are these people on crack?

But as we know, Bush will be President for another two and a half years, and we undermine his credibility at our nation's peril.

Then we come to nuclear proliferation and Pakistan's blatant (though undisclosed) building of a heavy water reactor. Meanwhile, we're not only turning a blind eye to the proliferation, we're actually doing the proliferating by sharing nuclear technology outright with India. Not to mention that after a meaningless wrist-slap, AQ Khan and his friends are still very much in business with the full sanction of the Pakistani state. Do we even have a foreign policy? And the governing party is the one that's comfortable with the idea of a strong America with an active role to play in world affairs?

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