Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why Jack Abramoff Wasn't Ralph Reed's Scummiest Pal

Marshall Wittmann, the DLC blogger better known as the Bullshit Moose, is joining those celebrating the electoral defeat of sleazebag lobbyist Ralph Reed.

What the Bullshit Moose doesn't tell you is that he was blowing Ralph for a job just a few years ago:

But Bush lost in 1992 and Wittmann was out of a job. By then, he had a young son and his wife was pregnant with their daughter. He was desperate to find work and when he heard that Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition was hiring, he thought, " Hmmm, a Jew goes to the Christian Coalition, that might be interesting."

He was savvy enough to figure that the Christian Coalition might want to hire a Jew just to show it wasn't bigoted. He wrote to Ralph Reed, the group's executive director, and asked for a job. Reed took him to lunch at Bullfeathers and hired him.

"I said, 'Great!' " Wittmann recalls. "

Now that Reed can't do anything for him, the Senior Asshole dumped him for other crushes, including John McCain and Joe Leiberman:

Wittmann is absolutely gaga over McCain. "My great belief is that John McCain is the living embodiment of Teddy Roosevelt," he says.

He also says this: "I would crawl over a field of broken glass for him."

Don't let us stop you, you slimy Moosefucker.

That endorsement alone prevents me from even considering a vote for McCain.

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