Monday, July 31, 2006

Qana You Sink Any Lower, Confederate Yankee?
Bobo Owens Claims Airstrike Deaths Were Staged

According to wingnut extraordinaire Bobowens of Confederate Yankee, the Lebanese civilians who died this past weekend at Qana staged their own deaths just to make Israel look bad. Or something like that.

Inspired by an article posted on a rightwing Israeli website , Bobowens and sundry likeminded jackals have apparently been spending an inordinate amount of time mired in gory photographs documenting the horrors committed at Qana.

Based on just the web posting, a Wikipedia entry on rigor mortis, and his own, keen CSI skillset, Bobowens reaches his harsh verdict:
I, for one, see clear evidence of a most revolting Hezbollah fraud.
Suicide most foul!
The whole thing was staged! Who knew Hezbollah was so devilishly ingenious? Oh, the author of the rightwing Israeli website piece knew it, and he even has a word for it: Hezbollywood.

Careful, though--regarding Bobowens' verdict as that of a crazed conspiracy theorist just might get you IDed as Hezbollah yourself (and eligible for prompt bombing by the IDF?):
Assuredly, Hezbollah's supporters will accuse those questioning the Qana attacks as conspiracy theorists, so I simply advise that viewers view the evidence with their own eyes, and draw their own conclusions from there.
Just trust your eyes, wingers, that's where you'll find the truthiness of the matter.

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