Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dude, Save Yourself A World Of Grief And Just Pick Out Your Cell Right Now

CONCORD, N.H. --A former telemarketer charged in a scheme to jam Democratic phone lines may argue that he believed his actions were authorized by the government or the national Republican Party.

Shaun Hansen, of Spokane, Wash., is accused of paying $2,500 to have employees at Idaho-based Mylo Enterprises place hundreds of hang-up calls to phone lines offering voters rides to the polls on Nov. 5, 2002. Among the contests decided that day was the close U.S. Senate race in which Republican Rep. John Sununu beat outgoing Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen.


In his filing, [Hansen's lawyer, Jeffrey] Levin[, who is not to be confused with hairless troll doll Mark Levin,] describes several defenses his client may use at trial, including arguing that Allen Raymond and others involved in the scheme were acting as government officials and that he relied on their assurances that his actions would be legal. Raymond, whose consulting firm, GOP Marketplace, hired Hansen's company to make the calls, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months in prison.

Hansen also may argue that given the official-sounding name "GOP Marketplace," and the work he had done for the firm in the past, he assumed it was a government or national party entity, Levin wrote. Levin was out of the office Friday and could not be reached for further comment.

Shaun, listen... IOKIYAR isn't a real defense to criminal charges. The Republican Party can pervert justice many times, but you're only the hired help.

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