Monday, July 24, 2006


Buen dia amigos y amigas, this is the Frito Pundito (or as my "friends" call me, "Freet") guest posting for Roger while he is sitting on the verAHnda twinkling an umbrella in a fruity drink. However, back home there are pressing issues, like the absurd bill Arlen Specter is pushing which will legalize, ex post facto, the wiretapping the administration has done in contravention of the FISA provisions. Aside from the Kafkaesque tactic of changing the rules to suit ones actions, the bill also endorses an extreme version of executive power that even Alberto Gonzalez stops short of. Glenn has an incredibly well-written exegesis of this horrid piece of legislation from a "moderate" (cough) Republican.

Christy at Firedoglake has info about how to call your Senator. This is muy importante, folks. I live in Austria (couldn't ya tell) but I once lived in Indiana, New York, Oregon and California, and I am contacting the Senators in all those states.

Lighter funnier stuff, making fun of Austrians, to follow

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