Thursday, July 27, 2006

Andrew Sullivan is never wrong

So Andrew Sullivan finally admits that Al Gore is right about global warming. But lest you think that might be a moment of soul-searching after Sullivan compared Gore to Dick Cheney and the entirely fabricated argument for war in Iraq, Andrew makes sure to spend more time bashing Gore for be insufficiently pro-active on this issue than he does crediting Gore for being right, oh, forty years and counting before the ruling party.

Keep in mind that for basically his entire pundit career, Sullivan has scorned the global warming movement and laughed at those who critically examined the evidence and came away in agreement with 100% of the peer-reviewed studies of climate change. But wait!

"I think a serious gas tax and a tough increase in mandatory fuel economy standards in the U.S. are essential to prompting the technological breakthroughs that alone can ameliorate this. And yet Gore balked. Just like he did when he was in power."

First of all, make no mistake, if Gore were President he would have kept our signature on the Kyoto Protocol and spent significant political capital on ramming it up James Inhofe's ass.

Secondly, Andrew Sullivan takes up a stance in opposition to a leader of the movement that will, if successful, enact the measures needed to combat global warming, even though he just said that radical measures need to be adopted. That is both inexplicable and mind-bogglingly inept politics. And this man is actually paid to write on the subject about which he evidently knows so little?

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