Monday, July 24, 2006

For the Zeitgeist it is a-Changin'

[Edited and reposted in proper sequence, I hope]

Apparently you can use a Letterman to know which way the wind blows. Corner blowhard Jonah prophesizes with his pen:

NYT In Trouble [Jonah Goldberg]
From a reader:
Am I the only one who saw this?

David Letterman's to ten list 7/19/06 which seems to have just been pulled off the net

Top Ten Signs There's Trouble At The New York Times

10. Extensive coverage of recent fighting between the Israelis and the lesbians

9. Pages 2 through 20 are corrections of previous edition

8. Every sentence begins "So, like"

7. TV listings only for Zorro

6. Weather forecast reads "Look outside dumbass"

5. Multiple references to "President Gore"

4. Obituary includes list of people they wish were dead

3. Headlines fold over to create surprise mad magazine-type hidden message

2. Restaurant critic recently gave IHOP four stars

1. Reporting that Oprah isn't gay, but Letterman is

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People really should not criticize what they can't understand. (Apologies to Bob Dylan for torturing all these lyrics.)

This is comedy, Jonah. Teh funny! Tame, mass market absurdities. If there's any subtlety at all to Letterman's list, it's ironic. Think about it for ten seconds. Your great conservative hobbyhorse, "the liberal press," has become the palaver of a dying late night comedy show. Nice career you've got there.

(Okay, Roger I'm not... But is this not pretty decent work from a temp? I'll close my first ever blogging post by thanking God my mom is just my mom and not an agent of history like Lucienne. This way (until now, at least) I've risked making an ass out of myself on a normal human scale and not like Jonah all over the Internets and in the nation's great newspapers. And I'd also like to thank Roger for however foolishy raising me up from his blog comments and letting me drive this nice shiny blog around the block a few times. I hereby officially release him from responsibility for my posts. I'm out here on purely a frolic of my own. To recap, then: thank you God and Roger.)

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