Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grand Old Police Blotter: MiJebby Vice Edition

Is there any bigger cesspool of corruption than the Bush Administration -- the Jeb Bush Administration, that is?

The most recent scandal came Wednesday, when federal prosecutors revealed that James Crosby -- the man Bush tapped to lead the long-troubled Department of Corrections -- admitted his part in a $130,000 bribery and kickback scheme with a snack-bar vendor.

Crosby's co-conspirator was Allen "A.C." Clark, whom Crosby made his North Florida prisons chief, despite years of internal probes into allegations that he beat inmates, misused inmate labor and requisitioned prison radios to provide private security for Bush's 1999 inauguration....

But during his second term, Bush has been more willing to promote from within, elevating Crosby, a former prison warden and Bush campaign-rally organizer, in 2003. Bush stood by Crosby last year as a wide-ranging state-federal corruption probe of the nation's third-largest prison system appeared to target the chief. So far, including Clark and Crosby, 21 people have been arrested.

So Bush has known his boys are unethical scumbags for seven years, and yet he's promoted and protected them, while merely asking them to deny their crimes in order to keep their jobs and their bribe money. "Out of the loop," one might say.

It's fucking hereditary. That's the only explanation.

Take the VeePee offer if it comes, Jeb, I'm begging you.

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