Saturday, July 08, 2006

Damning With Faint Damnation

The Clown Publishing Group is standing by their Mann, in that special way that allows them to wash their hands and shove the serial plagiarist into oncoming traffic when the time is right.

The publisher of "Godless," the Crown Publishing Group, issued a statement saying it had reviewed the "the allegations of plagiarism" in [Coulter's]her book and "found them to be as trivial and meritless as they are irresponsible."

And Coulter is as honest as she is intelligent, it added.


And, via a Crooks and Liars link, a very special episode of The Mann Show.

And Red State provides its expert analysis on the story, with "Box Turtle" Ben Domenech writing under the nom de pilf thepiss418. No site knows more about intellectual thievery than Red State.

Markos is many things, but it doesn't look like proofreading is one of them.

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