Saturday, July 01, 2006


The new Clownhall is here. (Well, in three days...) And it's got blogs!

"New Blogs and Create Your Own Blog: Townhall's talented columnists bring in millions of readers a month, and now you can grab a piece of that audience and give them a piece of your mind. Create your own blog in seconds and be a part of the blog community that includes a new blog featuring Hugh Hewitt and Mary Katharine Ham as well as blogs by Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, and Kevin McCullough."

Be still my stomach! Blogs by Dennis "Irreconcilable Differences" Prager, Michael "The Oil Companies Are Anti-Semitic" Medved, Kevin "Ed Asner Hearts Stalin" McCullough and Mike "Fat Mike" Gallagher! I'm already going snowblind.

" will be the first conservative website offering free blogging tools to any of its readers."
Clownhall's readers already are free blogging tools.

p.s. to Johnny Garthwaite: The red, black and white color scheme is very lovely. Keep those right-wing-freak flags flying.

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