Monday, July 03, 2006

Cut 'N' Run Joe, The Nutmeg Dixiecrat

Joe Lieberman is set to announce that the party of jihadists and crusaders has left him:

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is to announce today he will petition for a place on the November ballot as an "independent Democrat," giving him a chance to stay alive politically should he lose an Aug. 8 primary for the Democratic nomination.

Lieberman, 64, a three-term senator whose outspoken support of the war in Iraq has brought months of grief and inspired a strong primary challenge from Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, intends to announce his decision this afternoon at the State Capitol.

Even should he lose in August -- and the most recent public poll shows him leading Lamont by 15-percentage points among likely primary voters -- Lieberman would retain his status as a registered Democrat, but his name would not appear on the ballot line with other Democrats.

Lieberman began making courtesy calls to leading Democrats late this morning.

Leading Democrats should return the courtesy by withdrawing their endorsements of a candidate with no loyalty to the Democratic Party.

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