Monday, October 24, 2005

What A Barone!

Michael Barone tries to top Mark Levin in the Bushlicking Sycophant Sweepstakes. His column is a lying points roadmap for the lawless right.

Shorter Barone: Indicting Rove and Libby for perjury for their secret grand jury testimony will harm the people's right to know.

I especially enjoy this bit:

Any indictment of Rove or Libby brought by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury, which is scheduled to go out of existence on Oct. 28, would in my opinion be a grave injustice. It would hurt the administration by depriving it of the services of one or more very talented and dedicated officials. But it would also set a bad precedent by creating a precedent that would obstruct the flow of information from government to the press and the people.

Enforcement of the law = bad precedent. I'm convinced.

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