Sunday, October 30, 2005

Restoration Comedy

A mysterious note on the front page of Crazy Davy's FrontPageMag reads:

Restoration Weekend Cancelled.
Rescheduling Information Available Shortly.

No explanation is posted.

What happened? Why did the October 27-30 meeting of the damned not go off as planned?

It can't be Davy's health -- I should say his physical health -- since Davy was posting this on his blog on the 28th:

Scooter Libby was obviously trying to protect his president from a rogue CIA operation which, in conjunction with the French and Saddam were attempting to sabotage America's war effort and restore the fascist Ba'ath Party and its Islamic terrorist allies to power.


So what happened? Weren't appearances Big Pharma, John Ashcroft, Joe Scarborough and Tammy Bruce incentive enough to fleece the sheep this year?

Anyone have the scoop on the death of Restoration Weekend?

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