Sunday, October 16, 2005

Howie's Disinformation

Howie the Putz spreads disinformation. From the toady's column today:

Her notebook from that day includes the notation "Valerie Flame," but she says the name appeared in a different section of the notebook from her Libby interview notes and that she believes it came from another source who, Miller maintains, she cannot recall.

That raises the question of whether other administration officials discussed Plame's CIA status with Miller after Libby, by her recollection, was the first to raise it. By the time she and Libby discussed Plame again, by phone on July 12, Miller said, she had talked about Wilson's wife -- her notes from that conversation refer incorrectly to "Victoria Wilson" -- with other unidentified sources. Fitzgerald lost the opportunity to question Miller about these sources by agreeing, as part of the deal that led to her release from jail last month, to ask only about conversations with Libby.
That's just B.S. As stated below, Fitzgerald limited his discussions to Scooter and the Wilson matter. And it's clear Fitzgerald grilled Miller on other sources, who Miller claimed not to remember. If she had the deal Kurtz claimed, she would have refused to confirm or deny there were other sources.

Get your facts straight, you Republican hack.

On his teevee show, Howie spent as much time with friggin' Tom Friedman as on Miller. If it's not "the Negroes stole our newsroom," Howie's interest in Times scandals is very limited.

Update: Mickey Kaus is also peddling the tale that Fitzgerald got punked by Miller. Sorry, Mick. Fitzgerald's got more brains than you, Miller and Kurtz combined.

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