Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saint Ronnie Endorses Miers From Beyond The Grave

A week before Hallowe'en, spiritual medium Hugh Jass summons the spirit of Ronald Wilson Reagan from the grave and calls upon him to haunt those punks who are TPeeing the White House:

It is disappointing to see both Judge Bork and George Will run off the cliff in the same week, and to do so with such intemperate rhetoric. (What does Judge Bork think of
think of Justice Powell, I wonder?)

But I am certain that Ronald Reagan -- who asked George Will to prep him for debates and who nominated Robert Bork -- would have nothing of the assault on Harriet Miers. Nothing. At. All.
Nothing. Persuades. Me. Like. Hugh. Hewitt. Talking. Like. A. Robot.

Who can the anti-Miers wingnuts disinter to refute zombie Ronnie?

(Thanks to Scott Lemieux of Lawyers, Guns and Money for the tip.)

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