Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fuck Amok

(Apologies to Chuck Jones)

Judith Fucking-Miller is such an incompetent reporter that she misquotes herself:

In a telephone interview Wednesday, Ms. Miller said this so-called nondisclosure form was precisely what she had signed, with some modifications, adding that what she had meant to say in her published account was that she had had temporary access to classified information under rules set by her unit.

How do you get temporary access to information?

In Judy's case, you pretend to forget.

Then there's this:

Ms. Miller said that under the conditions set by the commander of the unit, Col. Richard R. McPhee, she had been allowed to discuss her most secret reporting with only the senior-most editors of The Times, who at the time were Howell Raines, the executive editor, and Gerald M. Boyd, the managing editor.

Secret reporting? What is hell is that: coded shout-outs to Scooter and Ahmed? Maybe she published it in the classified ads.

And, from the same article:

Opponents [of a federal shield law] also said the definition of who would be covered is too broad, including bloggers and criminals who pretend to be reporters.

Does that mean it would apply to all bloggers, or only bloggers to who pretend to be reporters? And what about reporters who pretend to be reporters? Or reporters who are criminals? It's so confusing.

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