Sunday, October 23, 2005

Unreliable Soreasses

Only caught part of Reliable Sources. Howie first had the adults on (Geneva Overholzer, Ron Brownstein and David Gergen) to opine on Judy Miller and Traitorgate. Howie the Putz was suitably outraged at "speculation" which pointed toward Administration crimes.

At the half hour, the children's table was heard from. Two right-wing bloggers, John Hindlicker and Jeff "Fucking Moron" Jarvis were teamed with John Dickerson of Slate to say nothing of consequence about Miers and Miller. Jarvis provided some comedy by claiming he was "on the left." I guess all the real leftists from The Corner didn't return the Putz's calls.

Is there anything more absurd than Jeff Jarvis lecturing newspapers on "getting facts wrong, covering things up"? Jarvis only has credibility among those who don't know his standard operating procedure.

And the Putz is taking balance lessons from G.E. Pumpkinhead, who today balances two Republicans (Kay Bailey "Perjury Is Not A Crime" Hutchinson and George Allen) with one Dem (Charles Schumer).

Update: Transcript here.

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