Sunday, October 16, 2005

More Bad News

More bad news for the PowerAssClowns and the Bigot Malkin. The truth won't fit their "facts":

NORMAN, Okla. -- The University of Oklahoma student from Colorado who died after detonating an explosive device near a packed football stadium left a message on his computer that he was going to quit living, his father said.

The FBI read the message to the father of Joel Henry Hinrichs III on Friday, after Joel Henry Hinrichs Jr. came to Oklahoma to clear out his son's university-owned apartment.

The younger Hinrichs, 21, had a reputation as a loner and had struggled at times with his grades.

Joel Hinrichs Jr. said he understood investigators found the message on the computer screen when they arrived at the apartment.

"It was a single line of text on his computer," his father told The Oklahoman. "The cursor was still blinking at the end."

The elder Hinrichs, of Colorado Springs, said he could not recall the exact wording but said his son used profanity in the message and was obviously very angry.

"He wrote he was dissatisfied with the situation and was going to quit living," the father said.

The moral of the story: The only "truckload of fertilizer" here is that flowing from Johnny Hindlicker's orifices.

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