Sunday, October 23, 2005

Defending The Indefensible

If Patrick Fitzgerald indicts Libby and/or Rove and/or others, how will the wingnuts respond? Ignoring Traitorgate will no longer be an option, and not all of them can claim to be too stupid to understand the story, like Glenn Reynolds can.

The trial-balloon posts of hairless troll doll Mark Levin, written while Levin polishes his pate in anticipation of non-stop appearances on Fox, are instructive.

So far, Levin has floated the following "defenses":

Ambassador Wilson outed his own wife;

We want them to be indicted, so we can abuse the Wilsons during discovery;


Fitzgerald is another Lawrence Walsh (which, in Levin's pin head, is a bad thing)

Smarter monkeys, please.

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