Friday, October 21, 2005

Brent Bozell Watches It All For You

There's so much filth on FOX that television addict el-Bent Bozell needs two hands to write it all down.

So what has Rupert Murdoch done to arouse Brent's ire? Well, on Family Guy, there was a reenactment of Hugh Hewitt's meeting with George Bush on the Miers nomination:

This show's lack of any dignity whatsoever is proven by a parody of the classic children's tale of Pinocchio in which Geppetto bends over with his buttocks in front of Pinocchio's nose, then tries to get Pinocchio to lie, so that his nose will grow and, viewers are led to conclude, penetrate his anus.

And, on The Buckleys Arrested Development,

Other episodes have delved into the bizarre sexual proclivities of the main characters, such as Grandpa and Grandma's revelation that they derive sexual pleasure from being strangled with a belt.

Bozell also reveals that Family Guy is the "fifth-highest ranked-show among children ages 2 to 11." How Brent got two year olds to rank their viewing preferences is anyone's guess.

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