Saturday, October 29, 2005

All those lame excuses the situational legal ethicists at the Corner are making for Irving "Lieass" Libby might be worth some consideration but for one simple fact:

Irving was and is a lawyer who formerly worked for not one but two prominent D.C. law firms. He was a managing partner for the second firm, now Dechert LLP.

Libby was not some shoeless rube who wandered into the Grand Jury room without a clue about the law, his obligations under the law or the consequences for his violation of the law. There is no one who could be more prepared by education, training and experience to understand and meet his obligations to the grand jury. Libby knew the stakes and he decided to bet the House.

Some of the dumber Corner monkeys -- I'm looking at you Ledeen, May and Levin -- might want to rethink the bamboozlement defense. (Leeden's "why didn't Tate coach Libby to have a convenient memory lapse" is both particularly amusing and sleazy.) Listen to Andy McCarthy before refilling your dumbass prescriptions, boys.

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