Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Howie the Putz Scorecard: Lies, 10; Truth, O

Is there anything this Republican sack of shit won't say?

"10) Vanity Fair spread. Monica posed while a prosecution witness; Valerie posed while a covert CIA operative."


You'd expect such dishonesty from a human stain like Mark Levin, not from someone who claims to be objective.

Even when the Putz plays at evenhandedness, by admitting the obvious, he can't help himself.

"2) The stakes. Clinton's slippery testimony was to cover up an extramarital affair with an intern, a huge personal embarrassment. The Bush administration's outing of Valerie Plame was to get back at her husband over the WMD issue, a huge national embarrassment when the original rationale for war crumbled."

National embarrassment, my ass. Bush, the Post and the Putz have plenty to be ashamed of; I don't.

"1) Personal involvement. Clinton was the man who assured the country he did not have sexual relations with that woman; Bush, as far as we know, had no direct involvement in Plamegate."

Bush is the man who assured the country he would fire anyone who leaked Plame's identity. Bush is also the man who lied about WMDs.

And Kurtz is the man who lies for Bush.

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