Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thank You, Guest Bloggers

I want to thank all of the guest bloggers for keeping hope alive during my vacation. Personal thanks will follow.

I've been on a lo-news diet for the past couple of weeks and, even worse, haven't read a blog (or been on the 'net) in weeks. (For those curious about my trip, here's a hint:

"In August 2001, a University of Tennessee law professor named Glenn H. Reynolds, the author of the popular, libertarian-leaning blog InstaPundit, and pro-gun activist Dave Kopel wrote an article for National Review Online complaining that the upcoming conference was stacked with anti-gun people....

"In continuing online debates over gun issues, Reynolds and Kopel have refused to identify the anonymous source. However, Tim Lambert, a computer scientist in Australia who maintains an anti-Lott blog, has said on his blog that Levitt told him he was nearly certain that Lott was the source.")

By the way, if you tried to e-mail me at my fastmail address, my account got filled up by July 28. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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