Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sneaks in, looks around and posts!

Lamont Ahead in Wins Connecticut Democratic Senatorial Primary: (Updated)

New York Times photo

The results are:

Lamont 51.9%
Lieberman 48.1%
98% of precints reporting; Lieberman concedes.

Results and photo courtesy of the treasonous NewYorkTimes.com, who had a robust results counter on their front page. 'Out-of-staters' crashed the Connecticut Secretary of State's site earlier this evening, according to the Secretary, Susan Bysiewicz.

Other commentary can be found on MyDD.com, which has been overwhelmed with hits all day, but keeps battling back (unlike Lieberman's site). Also try FireDogLake and MyLeftNutmeg.

Scurries away!

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