Sunday, August 06, 2006

JPod: "Charles Johnson Does It Again"
Blown smoke gives Tiffany Midgeson morning wood

Over at The Corner (my new homepage), only John Podhoretz could get it up to write a post this Sunday morning. And what is it that floats his pitiful boat? In the midst of a developing total war in the Middle East, the legions of warbloggers in hot pursuit of "a most revolting Hezbollah fraud" at Qana have turned up a -- drumroll, please -- doctored photograph of smoke.
Charles Johnson Does It Again [John Podhoretz] At Little Green Footballs, definitive evidence that a Reuters photographer is using photoshop to make the Israeli strikes on Beirut look vastly worse than they are in fact. (Warning: There's a highly upsetting photo in the string of pictures here of a toddler killed in the Qana bombing.) LGF's Charles Johnson was, you'll recall, the guy who typed the Rathergate memo into Microsoft Word and discovered it could not possibly have been typed on a 1972 typewriter. Posted at 7:01 AM
JPod stood silently by last week, of course, while his peer Jonah celebrated the Qana denial tale, linking credulously to its every more disgusting permutation around the moronofascisphere. And isn't there a certain poignancy to the Rathergate reference? Ah, fading glory. And JPod clinging to it like debris floating around the wreckage of his life. I mean his father's life. Oh well, same diff.

Commenter Kip W saw the way the wind was blowing earlier this week, opining in one of our livelier comment threads in Roger's absence, "Gravestones improperly kerned?"

The heroic 101st Fighting Keyboarders will leave no Cheeto unturned (and duly snacked upon) in their quest prove that the Israeli offensive in Lebanon is a figment of Dan Rather's twisted dumb liberal emmm-esss-emmm imagination. And that Michael Moore is gay gay GAY!

Stay tuned for even more ridiculous developments.

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